Cars (2006) Budget, Star Cast, Reviews, Story & Watch

Cars: hello friends today I am telling you about an amazing movie. The name of the movie is Cars. This is a computer-animated road-comedy movie. This film produced by Pixar Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures. This movie is an Animation, Comedy, Family movie. this film's director is John Lasseter. This movie independently produced by Pixar studio its purchase by Disney in January 2006. This movie released on 9 June 2006, before that this movie premiered in North Carolina on May 26, 2006.

Cars (2006) Budget, Star Cast, Reviews, Story & Watch

This movie is one of the best films in 2006. This film's director is John Lasseter and the producer is Darla K. Anderson. This film produced by Pixar Animation Studio. This film's main stars are Owen Wilson, Bonnie Hunt, Paul Newman.

DirectorJohn Lassete
Star CastDarla K. Anderson
Release Date9 June 2006
LanguageEnglish, Italian, Japanese, Yiddish
Production CoPixar Animation Studios, Walt Disney Pictures
GenreAnimation, Comedy, Family
WriterJohn Lasseter, Joe Ranft
Budget$120 million
Box Office$462 million

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Cars story

This movie is an Animation, Comedy, Family, Sports movie. This film's story is very interesting.  Piston Cup Championship is a world-famous car racing. Every year organized this championship. This championship organized in California.

While The King and  Chick Hicks traveling to California, they want to participate in the championship and fight against other cars. The famous McQueen is desperate to win the race. McQueen has to work hard and finds friendship and love in the simple local.

At the race, McQueen's mind is not fully set, and soon falls into the last place. He is then surprised to discover that Doc, having a change of heart, has taken over as his crew chief and several of his other friends from Radiator Springs are helping in the pit. This is the main storyline of the movie.

How to watch the movie Cars

Many people don't know how to watch this movie. So I am being given this information through this article. Where can you watch this film? The film has recently been released on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney.

Personal Opinion

This film is a very beautiful film for kids. This movie's sound quality is very clear and smooth. This movie's character's voice is very perfect. This movie never bored you.

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